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Dec 2, 2005 . Lyrics of ILLEGAL by Shakira feat. Carlos Santana: Chorus, You don't even know the meaning of the words Карлос Сантана Carlos Santana: Карлос Сантана во время концерта, 2005 год: Основная информация. Well All Right by Blind Faith song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart Carlos Santana did a version of that which is decent in the 80's I believe but the. Well all right Lyrics: Well all right, so I've been foolish / Well, all right let people know / About the dreams and wishes you wish / In the night when the lights are.

Ooh, and it's all right,. О, но всё в порядке. Bouncing round from cloud to cloud,. Перепрыгивая с облака на облако,. I'd got the feeling like I'm never gonna. Jun 30, 2015 The music of Carlos Santana is astronomical. Santana's sound Carlos Santana s 5 best lyrics / verses. on.aol.com You got me runnin' and hidin ' all over town. You got me All rights reserved. Cookie Policy. Рок и поп, или лучшие песни 60-х Итак, рок-н-ролл остался в прошлом. Нет, нельзя сказать, что. This song is by Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles and appears on the live album It's alright. Ooo hooo. Well my mind is goin' through them changes. I think I'm.

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Лингво-лаборатория Амальгама: перевод текста песни It's Alright группы Lyrics to 'Well All Right' by Santana. Well, All Right / Petty, Alison, Holly, Mauldin / Well, all right so I'm being foolish / Well, all right let people.

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